Botox can give you a young, fresh, and relaxed facial expressions. It is quite safe and reversible in few months, so need repeated application. You can wipe out most of the aging marks on your face within few days. Also, its therapeutic implications are invaluable.


Emergency Dentistry

Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth due to accidents or sport’s injuries can be fixed most of the times, however, need to be addressed the sooner.

Avulsed Teeth

Even though the tooth has totally came out of its socket, the whole what you need to do is not to panic and bring it to your dentist soaked in cold milk as soon as possible and he will do the rest. Try to collect every single piece of the fractured tooth to be sure that nothing missing of the puzzle which might be inhaled.

Lacerated Soft Tissue

Lacerated lips or oral mucosa can be managed with simple stitches.


Oral Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

To avoid wisdom tooth complications (pain, swelling, infection, crowded teeth, etc.), it might be a wise decision to get rid of the poorly spaced wisdom teeth at mid-late teenage. Doing so, makes the surgical procedure quite simpler than waiting for full root development and taking angulated position.

Bone Grafting

Dental implants may require a prior bone grafting procedure if the tooth was extracted long time ago or the extraction procedure was a traumatic one.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction might not be easy in all cases. Flap reflection and bone removal followed by some stitches might be necessary. Although looks traumatic, however, should be a painless procedure under local anesthetic.

Impacted Canine Surgery

Canines are of the most important teeth in the mouth. It has a great impact on your smile. Impacted or malposed canines are of the most presenting complains in orthodontic practice. Impacted canines need to be exposed surgically and extruded with the help of a professionally bonded braces. Serial extraction can be considered as a preventive measure to the surgery if the problem caught at early age.


To treat gummy smile, this procedure could help to reduce the amount of gingival show while smiling. It is quite simple and can be nicely done under local anesthesia


High or thick labial frenum attachment may be the causative factor for a central diastema (midline spaced teeth) and gum recession. Although surgical excision will not close this diastema, however, it should reduce the relapse rate after orthodontic correction.




If you would like your teeth to be straightened without bonding the traditional braces, Invisalign technology can be the best solution. We put the treatment plan and send the records to a professional technician at Invisalign. Although can not be used in all cases, however, it is considered as one of the glowing trends in orthodontics nowadays.

Invisible Braces

It is an esthetic alternative to the traditional metal braces. Although carries a better esthetic appearance, however, a longer treatment time should be expected.

Metal Braces

The mostly widely used fixed orthodontic appliance. Being metal, it is the most durable and affordable kind of braces. Treatment time with metal braces should be less compared to other treatment options. Colors of the rubber ties can be adjusted according to the desire, so it seems to be the best fashion braces.

Removable Orthodontics

During primary and mixed dentition stages, bonding fixed braces may not be prctical, however, removable braces seem to be the best solution considering the younger age children and the transient dentition status

Myofunctional appliances

Sometimes, the malocclusion is with the jaws but not with the teeth. In this scenario, the sooner the treatment the better the results and the most stable results. Also, to avoid complicated treatment plans in the future. Myofunctional appliances like TwinBlock and MonoBlock are best indicated for growing children with slightly mismatched jaws.

Serial extraction

It is typical to have a spaced primary as these spaces will be utilized in the future to accommodate the larger-sized permanent teeth. It is important to consider orthodontic consultation if the child has a or crowded primary dentition. One of the successful interceptive measures is to start adjusting the number of the teeth before ending up with a severely crowded teeth later at teenage.




We are proud to provide the service of minimal sedation for our patients. If you want to relaxed while the procedure ongoing is now possible with the availability of minimal sedation. If you would like to get this experience, please notify the office in advance to get the proper preoperative instructions.


Restorative Dentistry

Hollywood Smile

Beautiful as the smile of Hollywood stars. In fact, most of them have had some sort of cosmetic dentistry done to their teeth with veneers, Lumineers or even full crowns. You can select the shade of the teeth you dream about. Although looks expensive, however, definitely worth the investment.

Tooth Jewelry

Nothing more elegant than a small and reflective crystal stone bonded to the side of the upper lateral incisor. It gives your smile an unforgettable magic.

Crowns and Bridges

Single and fused crowns (Bridges) still considered to be the most commonly used solution for badly broken or missing teeth. The metal free crowns nowadays are the trend in cosmetic dentistry.

Lumineers and Veneers 

Less traumatic procedures than crowns. Lumineers and Veneers are simply ceramic shells bonded to the front surface of the teeth to modify their color, shape, and sometimes correct their position. The difference between them is a matter of thickness in the first stand.

Teeth Whitening

Although many brands of teeth whitening systems are available, yet most of them have an almost similar chemical composition. The currently available professional whitening gels, although bring transient teeth sensitivity for few hours, however, seem to be harmless to the enamel structure. If you are looking for instant teeth whitening, professional Teeth Whitening is the perfect solution. On the other hand, if you are not in a rash, you can go for the Home Whitening System which needs to be used daily for almost a week or so in a customized tray. Ideally, to get the best outcome, you need to consider both (i.e., Professional whitening followed by Home whitening as a maintenance).

Snap-On Smile

The most conservative way to get a bright smile. The fact of being removable and can be fabricated without tooth preparation makes it away more affordable compared to the other options, however, it can not be considered as a definitive permanent.


Preventive & Pediatric Dentistry

Fluoride Application

Topical fluoride application is one of the best preventive measures to protect the teeth from carious lesions. It is simple and usually applied after your routine hygiene visit. Children get the maximum benefit of the topical fluoride application.

Fissure Sealants

Although fluoride can boost the decay resistance of the smooth surface of the tooth, what about the pits and fissure that characterize the chewing surface of the molars. It is considered to be the highest caries risk area?. Fissure sealant is quite beneficial in obliterating these anatomical irregularities of the tooth structure to prevent food entrapment and tooth decay. It is one of the most important preventive programs in pediatric dentistry.

Space Maintainers & Regainers

Sometimes the dentist is forced to do early primary tooth extraction due to decay, trauma or repeated dental infection. The adjacent and opposing teeth may encroach on the extraction site and prevent the proper eruption of the permanent tooth. To prevent this problem, a cemented Space Maintainer is the best device to keep the space for the permanent successor. Should the space loss already happened, a Space regainer needs to be considered as soon as possible.

Habit Breakers

Whether thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, nail biting or habitual mouth breathing, a fixed or removable habit breaker can be used for few months to modify this abnormal behavior. Although thumb sucking seems to be a usual habit in the first two years of your child life, but you need to think about the dirt the thumb will carry to your child’s mouth.

Diet analysis

For any carious lesion to start, it needs a tooth surface, substrate (food remnants), bacteria (present in oral cavity) and time. Modifying the type of food consumed or reducing the high carbohydrate intake should halt the progress of the decay process. Having an idea about your food intake in both quality and quantity is the first line of defense against caries.


Although looks easy, however, guessing the most suitable toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss is sometimes confusing. Our duty is to help you to make the decision and guide you to the most suitable maneuver.


We are proud to deliver the service of minimal sedation to our patients. If you want to feel relaxed while the procedure ongoing is now possible with the availability of minimal sedation. If you would like to get this experience, please notify the office in advance to get the proper preoperative instructions.


General Dentistry

Preventive Fillings

When a tooth is prone to decay or even already caught an initial carious lesion, a simple preventive filling might be an ideal, painless and affordable procedure to protect the tooth structure. It is quite useful at young ages and usually done with no local anesthetic required.

Composite Fillings

It is the mostly commonly used tooth-colored filling. In contrast to the traditionally used Amalgam, composite filling is a mercury-fee one and safe be used for all ages.

Glass Inonomer Filling

A relatively new material. It has the characteristic feature of fighting decay through its continuous fluoride release property. Best used for deciduous teeth and root surface decay

Root Canal Therapy

It is the treatment for badly broken or decayed teeth when the damage already involved the nerve. It can be done in one or multiple visits depending on the presenting signs, symptoms and the condition of the tooth itself.


There are many kinds of denture, partial or complete, Chrome – Cobalt or Acrylic, soft tissue or implant borne. Dentures not only restore the function of the missing teeth but also the young beautiful smile and proper phonetics as well.

Inlay and Onlay Restorations

Although more expensive than composite restorations, Inlays and Onlays are considered to be the state of the art in restorative dentistry. They are to be fabricated outside the mouth and cemented with a special technique. It has better mechanical properties than traditional composite fillings.

Night Guards

Invaluable removable appliance to protect the teeth / restorations from nocturnal bruxism. It also relaxes the muscles of mastication and improve the Tempromandibular joint’s signs and symptoms.

Sport Guards

Protecting your smile is our top priority. Sport guards are available in different colors and thicknesses.