Oral Surgery

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

To avoid wisdom tooth complications (pain, swelling, infection, crowded teeth, etc.), it might be a wise decision to get rid of the poorly spaced wisdom teeth at mid-late teenage. Doing so, makes the surgical procedure quite simpler than waiting for full root development and taking angulated position.

Bone Grafting

Dental implants may require a prior bone grafting procedure if the tooth was extracted long time ago or the extraction procedure was a traumatic one.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction might not be easy in all cases. Flap reflection and bone removal followed by some stitches might be necessary. Although looks traumatic, however, should be a painless procedure under local anesthetic.

Impacted Canine Surgery

Canines are of the most important teeth in the mouth. It has a great impact on your smile. Impacted or malposed canines are of the most presenting complains in orthodontic practice. Impacted canines need to be exposed surgically and extruded with the help of a professionally bonded braces. Serial extraction can be considered as a preventive measure to the surgery if the problem caught at early age.


To treat gummy smile, this procedure could help to reduce the amount of gingival show while smiling. It is quite simple and can be nicely done under local anesthesia


High or thick labial frenum attachment may be the causative factor for a central diastema (midline spaced teeth) and gum recession. Although surgical excision will not close this diastema, however, it should reduce the relapse rate after orthodontic correction.